10 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for art lovers on Etsy

Here’s a list top 10 gifts you can give to the love of your life and surprise them this Valentine's Day 2020:

1. Unique handmade jewelry for men and women by CopperTales. Price: $236

2. Romantic resin painting - Koi fish couple enjoying cherry blossoms by 3DResinPainting. Price: $178

3. Handbag with an original painting by IndigoArtBags. Price: $186

4. An original miniature painting (3x5 inches) by IndigoArtBags. It can be put in large frames or used as bookmarks. Price: $90

5. Multi-stone engagement ring by emilydesign. Price: $164

6. Heart Sculpture by WoodSoulCarving Price: $230

7. Wood watch for couples by WildWatches Price: $135

8. White Hooded Faux Fur coat by LOOKHUNTER Price: $176

9. Vintage perfume by VintageDreamUSSR Price: $435

10. Serpentine Gold Chain Necklace by LesCurieux Price: $245



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