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The Miniature paintings are small (3×5 inches), gem-like abstract explosions of color. These are inspired by the traditional miniature art from India that has been known for centuries. The artist has given that concept a modern, abstract interpretation. Often these miniatures serve as the basis for larger pieces of work. The minis are made with oil and water-based paints.


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Artist Harish Saluja

Artist Harish Saluja is a filmmaker, painter, entertainer, entrepreneur, engineer, publisher, author, music producer, and radio host. His abstract paintings have been exhibited worldwide.

Harish Saluja came to the USA in the early ’70s after getting an engineering degree from one of the most prestigious Indian institutions, IIT Kharagpur.

Over the course of his five-decade career, Saluja has had numerous shows of his paintings in Europe, China and USA. His artworks include Large Paintings and Miniatures (3×5” abstracts).

The miniatures have been incorporated in handbags under the brand name Indigo Art Bags. Each bag contains an original piece of art.

Harish’s art is featured on many popular items such as Phone Cases, Coffee Mugs, Bags etc.

In his quest for building cultural bridges, he started a radio program called Music of India on a local radio station and hosted it for 46 years.

His passion for films led him to form New Ray Films, an Indie film company. He worked on Tony Buba’s No Pets as an associate producer, and later as the executive producer of film Dog eat Dog. He acted in several commercials and in Disney’s feature film Money For Nothing with John Cusack.

Saluja wrote, directed & produced The Journey, a comedy-drama. The movie won several awards and was shown worldwide.

He started the Silk Screen Film Festival that showcased Asian American films and also formed a band: Silk Sound.

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